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2017 Sydenham Section End-to-End

The Sydenham Club 2017 End-to-End Hike series is well underway.  Each hike is approximately 21 km, and they are spread over four weekends / eight days.  The first 2 weekends in May and June have been completed.  The remaining hikes will be:

  • September 9 & 10
  • October 14 & 15

Please contact Bill Snel for any questions, at or (519) 470-0584.

Bruce Trail Day

October 1

On Bruce Trail Day, all nine clubs of the Bruce Trail Conservancy offer a hike that showcases the beauty of our Trail. Do you feel like a 2-km-good-exercise hike (The Palisades) or a 3-km-take-it-easy hike (The Creamery Hill)? Our Sydenham Club have both available for you and your loved ones on Sunday, October 1st. Meet us at the GSCA Pavillion (Grey Sauble Conservation Authority) at 237897 Inglis Falls Rd in Owen Sound at 1:00pm. A hike leader will accompany you and the group on your chosen hike. If you arrive shortly after the groups have left, don't worry; we can arrange a second hike through the Creamery Hill Side Trail. See you there!

Group Hike Schedule

Group Hike Information 

Discover the Sydenham Bruce Trail Club, join us on a Group Hike!

Our Hike Schedule is also listed in the Sydenham Hiker newsletter, which you will receive when you join the SBTC.

Dress appropriately for the weather, length of the event, wear proper hiking shoes, bring water and snacks. No dogs and no smoking are permitted on organized hikes unless stated otherwise. All persons participate at their own risk.

Hike Rating System

To help hikers decide what hike is suitable for them, hike leaders use the hike rating system whenplanning their hikes. Ratings consider the distance of the hike, the planned walking speed, and the difficulty of the terrain. The rating system is described on the Hike Schedule.

Please note:

  1. Hike Leaders - Please remember that hike leaders are unpaid volunteers.
  2. Participant Responsibility - Participants on Club outings must accept responsibility for themselves, their family and guests. Be prepared to sign a Hike Waiver of Liability & Assumption of Risk form.
  3. Where to meet? - We often meet at a parking lot away from the trailhead, and car pool from there to the hike location.  These locations are shown on the Hike Schedule. Maps for common meeting spots: IDEAL, CHPL, GSCA, HD.
  4. Hike Changes / Cancellations - Sometimes hikes are changed or even cancelled due to weather conditions. If in doubt, call the hike leader, or check our Facebook feed on the Home Page.