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Conservation Areas of Grey County

The watersheds of Grey County are looked after by three different Conservation Authorities.

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  • Discover the Trails - Reconnecting Youth & Nature One Step at a Time
  • Lambton Shores Nature Trails - A network of connected, accessible, safe & user-friendly nature trails for Lambton Shores & Vicinity (LS&V) for the walking, hiking, cycling, horse-back riding & outdoor enthusiast …. and for those committed to protect & preserve our Natural Heritage.
  • Skyline Hikers of the Canadian Rockies - "Established in 1933, the Skyline Hikers of the Canadian Rockies (SHCR) is a non-profit organization registered under the Societies Act of the Province of Alberta with its own constitution and volunteer executive committees. Each summer, a base camp is established in a different location within the Canadian Rockies, and five 6-day camps are coordinated out of this base camp." An Information Bulletin (PDF) for the Summer 2012 Camp & Hikes Sunset Pass (Banff National Park) is available online at the Skyline Hikers of the Canadian Rockies website.
  • Bruce Trail Conservancy (BTC) - A Board of Directors of the BTC governs the BTC and volunteers from 9 Bruce Trail Clubs are responsible for maintaining, stewarding and promoting the Trail. The BTC is supported by more than 1000 volunteers and 8500 members. The Sydenham Bruce Trail Club is one of the nine Bruce Trail Clubs.
  • Bruce Peninsula Orchid Festival (June) - The Bruce Peninsula is renowned for its diversity of wild growing, native orchids. An astonishing 44 orchid species occur on 'the Bruce', ranging from abundant Yellow Lady's Slippers to the endangered Eastern Prairie White-fringed Orchid. For a small area, the Bruce Peninsula has one of the greatest varieties of natural orchids in North America. The Bruce Peninsula Orchid Festival is your chance to discover native orchids and wildflowers, to learn from experienced naturalists and to be inspired by the rugged scenery of the area. Festival activities include guided hikes, orchid tours, orchid photography workshops and more.
  • Hike Ontario - is a non-profit organization which represents the interests of walkers and hikers in the province of Ontario, Canada. Now twenty-four hiking clubs and over 13,000 individuals.
  • The Bruce Grey Trails Network - Bruce and Grey Counties have plenty of trails.Trail experiences ranging from community trail systems such as the Georgian Trail, all the way to the world re-nowned Bruce Trail along the Niagara Escarpment.Tap into our Trails Database to find out more information about each trail system or visit our Media Articles web page that provides a list of articles that have appeared in the media as our "Trail of the Week" series.
  • Explore the Bruce: Cross Country Ski Trails at Explore the Bruce
  • Grand Valley Trails Association - The Grand Valley Trail is a marked footpath stretching more than 250 km between Port Maitland on Lake Erie to the town of Alton near Orangeville. At Alton a side trail links to the Bruce Trail at Forks of the Credit.
  • Avon Trail Association - The Avon Trail winds for 110 km from St. Marys, Ontario to Conestogo, Ontario, and forms a link between the Thames Valley Trail and Grand Valley Trail.
  • Elgin Trail Hiking Trail Club - South Western Ontario's jewel of trails, 41 km of trails through the Carolinian Forests with trail elevations of approximately 70 m. The trail borders the Dodd and Kettle creek from Paynes Mills to the village of Port Stanley on Lake Erie and going north from Paynes Mills to link up with the Thames Valley Trail west of London.
  • Ganaraska Trail Association - The trail starts in Port Hope, on the north shore of Lake Ontario and after more than 400 km connects with the Bruce Trail near Glen Huron. In Port Hope, the Ganaraska Hiking Trail connects with the Lake Ontario Waterfront Trail. In the Ganaraska Forest, the trail crosses the Oak Ridges (hiking) Trail. In the hills of Oro Township, between Barrie and Orillia, a branch trail veers off to Midland and then turns south, through Wasaga Beach, to rejoin the main trail just east of Glen Huron (the link between the Midland section and the Wasaga section is not yet complete). Including some branch trails, the total length of the trail is in excess of 500 km.
  • Guelph Hiking Trail Club - Since 1972 members have been dedicated to recreational hiking, and to building and maintaining rural trails in the general area between the Grand Valley (Fergus, Elora, Cambridge) on the west and the Bruce Trail (Limehouse--near Acton) on the east. The Club is also involved with others in building multi-use trails on recently abandoned railway lines. About 90% of the Club's trails cross private land and the remainder traverse publicly-owned property. All of them are suitable for a family outing. Most of the 55 km of trailway are linear, but there are several pleasant loops that make transportation easier. All you need to get started are the Club's Handbook with its detailed maps, some sturdy footwear, a bottle of water and your favourite snack.
  • Maitland Trail Association - formed on July 2, 1975 with the proposal to build a trail which would follow the path of the Maitland River. The trail is built largely on private land through the courtesy of the landowners and is not intended for motorized vehicles. The Maitland Trail entrances are marked by distinctive identification plates and by white blazes.
  • Oak Ridges Trail Association - The Oak Ridges Moraine is a ridge of land up to 300 meters high that runs parallel and about 60 km north of Lake Ontario. It extends about 200 km from the Niagara Escarpment in the west to the Trent River in the east. About 200 km of 250 km of potential trail have been completed. The trail presently starts with a link to the Caledon Trailway near Palgrave in the west to the town of Gores Landing on Rice Lake in the east. Efforts are underway to extend the trail further to the east.
  • Rideau Trail Association - The Rideau Trail is a hiking trail of about 300 km (186 mi.) in Eastern Ontario. It winds in a generally north-northeast direction from Kingston on Lake Ontario to Ottawa, on the Ottawa River. The path of the Trail is indicated by orange triangular markers.
  • Thames Valley Trail Association - The Trail is a 109 km hiking trail which follows the Thames and North Thames Rivers along most of the route. It links the Elgin Trail at the Elgin/Middlesex County line in the south with the Avon Trail in St. Marys in the north. The Associaiton offers recreational hiking and cross-country skiing inside and outside the Thames Valley Region. We also maintain and develop walking and hiking trails in the London area, maintain over 130 km of hiking trails, and promote hikes of varying difficulty from a one hour stroll to a demanding three day hike.
  • Voyageur Trail Association - a trail building and maintenance organization to a trail building-and-hiking organization consisting of various clubs. Goal is to achieve the dream of a continuous trail from Thunder Bay to South Baymouth on Manitoulin Island.
  • The Right Stuff - is a series of short articles by Greg Vincent describing what a novice user might need to know to make a first attempt at hiking, or other outdoor activities, more enjoyable. Greg is a certified hike leader with 25 years experience with the Toronto Bruce Trail Club and the Grand Valley Trails Association. He lives in Waterloo Region.
  • Toronto Hiking - hiking & road maps, descriptions, gear, ecology, tutorials, forums, pictures galleries, gps logs, videos. The hikes section features Loop Hikes and Niagara Escarpment Waterfalls Hikes.
  • Niagara Escarpment Commission - Ontario's Niagara Escarpment, designated a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve for its special environment and unique environmental plan, is a working example of sustainable development.
  • Coalition on the Niagara Escarpment (CONE) - CONE is a coalition of 30 environmental organizations and hundreds of individual citizens. Formed in 1978 it has worked for the protection of the Escarpment and its many values to Ontario society.
  • The Owen Sound Field Naturalists Club - created in 1989 to provide Grey and Bruce naturalists with an opportunity to meet with like-minded individuals and enjoy activities and programs to increase their awareness and understanding of natural history and conservation.
  • Trent-Fleming Trail Studies Unit - There is considerable need for expertise on various aspects of trails. In response to this need, several members of Trent University and Fleming College established a Trail Studies Unit in 1992. The website contains links to Ontario Rail Trails and Canadian Trails.
  • The Grand Trunk Trail - This trail links with the River View Walkway along the Thames River to provide an extensive walking path through areas of architectural and natural beauty in the heart of the historic town of St. Marys, ON. In addition it links to the Avon Trail.
  • Ontario Rail Trails: The Best Bicycling and Hiking Trails by Ken Brown - Ken is a retired Professional Engineer who enjoys cycling and other outdoor pursuits. His website is a personal account of several trails he has experienced including a brief account of the Goergian Trail. It includes a map and pictures.
  • Haliburton Highlands Trails and Tours Network - an organization dedicated to the development and promotion of trails and tours in Haliburton County
  • The Lake Ontario Waterfront Trail - The Waterfront Regeneration Trust website. Once complete, the Waterfront Trail will stretch 650 kilometres along the shore of Lake Ontario, from Niagara-on-the-Lake to Gananoque. Curently 350 kilometres have been completed.
  • Canada Trails - claims to be one of the largest directories of trail sports. Regional maps show locations of major trails of various categories including hiking.