Email Recipients

SBTC Email Recipients

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Yes Trail Issues (report dangerous conditions, fallen trees, etc.) Trail Inquiry <a href=”/contact-us-2/?contact_subject=Trail Inquiry Contact Request&amp;ky=blc5x”>Click Here to submit a Trail Inquiry</a>
Yes Hiking (Sydenham Club organized hikes) Hiking Inquiry <a href=”/contact-us-2/?contact_subject=Hiking Inquiry Contact Request&amp;ky=pl1e6″>Click Here to submit a Hiking Inquiry</a>
Yes Badges Badges Inquiry <a href=”/contact-us-2/?contact_subject=Badges Inquiry Contact Request&amp;ky=x295f”>Click Here to submit a Badges Inquiry</a>
Yes E-notes (Emailed Club Newsletter) E-notes Inquiry <a href=”/contact-us-2/?contact_subject=E-notes Inquiry Contact Request&amp;ky=o19qo”>Click Here to submit a E-notes Inquiry</a>
Yes All other inquiries Inquiry <a href=”/contact-us-2/?contact_subject=Inquiry Contact Request&amp;ky=xerqg”>Click Here to submit a Inquiry</a>
Yes Volunteering Volunteering Inquiry <a href=”/contact-us-2/?contact_subject=Volunteering Inquiry Contact Request&amp;ky=fat3w”>Click Here to submit a Volunteering Inquiry</a>